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EMAS Field Trip

Godmersham - a Ninth-century Anglo-Saxon Estate

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The parish of Godmersham lies on the Great Stour river between Ashford and Canterbury. In 822 King Beornwulf granted eight ploughlands (octo aratri) at Godmersham to Archbishop Wulfred. The bounds of this grant are recorded on the back of the 824 record of the Council of Clofesho.

Although some details of the bounds still need clarification, it is plain that the majority of the bounds closely follow the 19th century Parish boundary. It is also clear that the grant of land at Godmersham was formed by dividing a pre-ninth century parcel of land that is now represented by Godmersham and the neighbouring parish of Crundale.

This field trip sets out to investigate the bounds of the Godmersham charter. It has been planned as a ‘hands on’ exercise to follow ‘The Landscape of Anglo-Saxon England’ day school on November 1st, but it can also be seen as a standalone field trip to an interesting and beautiful area of Anglo-Saxon Kent.

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